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  Computing Facilities

Number of Systems : 90

Number of Servers: 02

Total number of systems connected by LAN : All (Entire campus is equipped with Wi-Fi)

Internet bandwidth : Leased Line Internet Connectivity 2 Mbps (1:1)

Major software packages available :

System Software :

Novel 4.11


Windows-98 Second Edition

Windows NT Server-4.0

Dos 6.22

Windows for Work Group

Windows NT Work Station

Windows XP Windows-2000

Windows 2003 Server

Windows Vista

Linux Red Hat 8.0


Application Software :

MS Office 97

MS Office 2000

Adobe Photo Shop 5.5

Visual Studio 6

Oracle 8i

Micro Tutor 85

AutoCAD 2004

Pro-E Wild fire 3.0

MS Office 2007

Visual Studio 2008

MS SQL Server 2005

MSDN Academic Allegiance Membership


Special purpose facilities available :

We are providing free secure login based internet access to all the students of the institute and Hostel daily (09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.).

We are providing extra lab hours to the students for project development as well as learning new technology.




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